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Friday, 14 February 2014

Didn't you get a single Valentine's Card today? Yes you did - here is your card!!

Hey there!
How are you today?
Did you sleep well? I hope so!

Today is that day of the year when people get divided. The ones with the cards, chocolates, gifts. And the ones without.
I have been in both groups. So I know how you feel if you are in the 'without' group.

Since I am in a stable marriage (lasting 27 years this year) with a man who doesn't believe in such nonsense as Valentine cards, the last year I received a Valentine's was....1986. Golly!

The fact that I do believe in soppy romantic gestures, still hasn't swayed him. I have given up giving hints.
He has planted the garden with lovely sweet pansies yesterday. That equals a card, right? You might even call it a romantic gesture (and I do, I'm quite stubborn that way). there, out there somewhere in this cold lonely world. I am thinking about you. Keep your head up. Keep your heart strong. This day is just another day, and it will pass. But if you want it to, it can be a gorgeous day, full of little sweet moments, for you.

Have a good day! <3 <3 Renée.