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Friday, 14 February 2014

Want to see some beautiful gorgeous art? Check out Marina Terauds!

If you've been following this blog (and quite of few of you have), you know by now that my art appreciation tends to favour realistic but romantic stuff. 
I may come from the country of Van Gogh and Mondriaan, but I'm not into gaudy colours and thickly applied paints, nor into straight lines and primary colours.

Link to Marina Terauds' website.

Marina Terauds

Marina is a Latvian/Russian, but Michigan-based, artist who works primarily as a printer, using various techniques. And before you wonder: yes, I have contacted her and asked her if I could feature some of her prints on my blog, and happily she said yes. 

Her main subject is nature, in all its forms and beauty. There are lots of birds, flowers, and insects. But trees and (fantasy) females as well.
What do I like about her treatment and materials? The fine eye for detail, and the colours! Just look at that mermaid, she's gorgeous but dangerous at the same time.

And you know I like birds, don't you? Well, Marina's birds are exquisite. 

Being an owl lover, and today being Feb. 14th, I wanted you to see her heart made up entirely of owls.

And what about this tree?

Imagine this triptych on your wall. Isn't it stunning?

Marina is a fellow blogger, and you can check her blog out at the link to her blog:
Okay, I'll leave you with two more of her lovely prints.