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Saturday, 12 April 2014

April the Cruelest Month? Perhaps - but not when I am in my garden.

Good (Saturday) morning, garden lovers!
This is another post for you. I promised to keep you up to date with the progress of my garden, and look at it today! I am so pleased with how it looks.

We have had amazingly mild weather this winter, so all the plants are advanced in their growth, and blooming all together instead of in the normal stages. It makes it a riot of colour.

Just look at those tulips!!!
They were supposed to be planted out in planters for the big party for my kids on April 26th, well...By that time they will have bloomed themselves to bits. I'll have to think up something else. (We could have covered the roof of the greenhouse to hold them back, but frankly we were a. too busy to do that and b. we enjoyed them too much)

This is how far the tulips in the border outside have advanced. Keeping my fingers crossed they will still be in flower on the 26th... The yellow Monarda on the right is shooting up as well.

And look at the Camellia. This is a 'rescue plant', meaning we got if for next to nothing at the plant centre because it was half dead.

My herbs and rock garden plants (the remains of which we have in pots since our rock garden has been demolished some years ago to make way for the greenhouse) are coming along nicely as well.

Most of the work is done by my husband, so kudos to him!

This is where I find my peace. 
Life can be hard at times, and sometimes even more than hard. For some (to me unfathomable) reason in this family Spring is crises time, and has been for the last 20 years.
But I look at my Betula and am reminded that I am here only temporarily, that this tree we planted 17 years ago will most probably outlive me (if some future thickhead doesn't cut it down) and that this is the way it is. Nothing more, nothing less.
This is it.

Have a lovely day, you!!