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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Do You Feel Like a Room Without a Roof? Just Another Day in the Garden.

Hi there!
My pansies have had it. That last storm 2 nights ago, with wind speeds up to 9, have whipped them into life left in them.
What better excuse to visit my local garden shop?!

Gardening makes me very happy indeed :-)
So: out with the pansies and in with a lovely lavender (the purple butterfly variety) and in front of the house blue lobelia and white begonia. I try to stick to a blue/white/grey/pink colour scheme over there, as we still haven't repainted the blue/grey door covering.

There you are; they are tiny still (I tend to go for small plants as they are far cheaper, obviously), but experience tells me they will grow to overflow that planter in no time!

Meanwhile the plants in the greenhouse are growing as well. We have harvested the first 3 (small) cucumbers, and I have been able to pluck enough lettuce leaves for salads for the last week. Yay! They taste much, much better than that stuff you can buy in the supermarket (we don't have an organic greenery nearby, unfortunately).

The large-leafed plant is a courgette (or zuchini I believe Americans call it). And the tomatoes are coming along fine. The red/orange flowers are called "Afrikaantjes", and they smell rather peppery. Many people say they stink. We've planted them not for their flowers (which are nice enough), but for their utility in keeping out the ants. Ants hate them.

And what do you think of our geranium? Cool eh?

It's last year's, but due to our extremely mild winter it never stopped growing, so now it is 60 cm wide and high. Together with the herbs and the gravel it gives the back garden where we eat (whenever we can!) a French atmosphere.

Two evenings ago we tried eating there; the temperature was fine (22 degrees, which is warm for The Wetlands I can tell you!), but that wind blew so hard already that the salad was blown into the liguster hedge...Oh well. You aren't Dutch if you aren't used to wind and wetness...

Okay, back to the garden for me now!
Have a lovely Saturday, and get your hands into that soil!