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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Fast Approaching the One Year Mark!

Good Sunday morning to you, my blog-friends!
It is October 12th, and we are fast moving towards November 24th and the One-Year Rays of Light mark.
And I am experiencing this (tiny) dilemma.

To continue, or not to continue?

You see, I am easily bored. It is one of my lesser attractive personality traits, I suppose.
My main goal, if I had one (did I have one? Yes, I suppose I did), was to provide myself with a venting system, and to provide others - you - with some innocent entertainment.
The secondary goal was to reach first 5,000 and then 10,000 page views.
By now, I am approaching the 12,000 page views. Which is...nice.
On the other hand, I have exactly 12 followers. (I used to have 13, but one left. Why? Frith knows.)

And there you have it.
This blogger's lark is so anonymous. Hardly anyone lets me know what they have felt, experienced, thought, whilst reading my posts. So I am blogging away in the dark, so to speak.
My stats show me some of my posts (the ones about Viggo, for instance) are popular. And they show me my blog is most widely read in the Ukraine (WHY???) I have never been near the Ukraine, let alone that I know anyone there...I tend to do well in the Balkans anyway, and some Russians read my blog...

Still. The thought that I could do other (better?) things with my time sneaks up on me more and more often.
Now, there's a point to all this. You can play your part!

Instead of my next goal being yet more readers (they will get here anyway; by now this blog is a snowball slowly rolling downhill under its own momentum) my next goal will be to gather followers. Like you gather flowers.

I'll give you, and myself, another couple of months. You know, just to see where this will lead.
And you can click that button on my home page, saying you have become a follower. Make a statement. Access The Zone, to quote Viggo. It will do no harm. You will gain a regular uplifting post.