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Dementia...scourge of our time.

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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Snow! Take Care on the Roads, and Have a Wonderful Day!

Waking up to a world with her bridal clothes on... who doesn't like that?
There is snow.

In the Wetlands that means:

* panic (we hardly ever get that white stuff; are not used to it)
* looooooooooong lines of cars going slow
* trains and buses being delayed or simply not arriving
* Twitter exploding with angry tweets about public transport and road management

But it also means:

* all dog turds covered with pristine white clean crystals
* all children happy
* sleighs got down from attics and out of sheds
* beautiful photo opportunities
* Earth Mothers towing their kids to school on sleighs, with glowing cheeks and eyes
* outrageously happy dogs (dogs love snow, have you ever noticed that?)
* cocooning indoors suddenly appeals much more

Have a lovely snowy day, enjoy it!