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Sunday, 1 February 2015

I Saw the Kingfisher Today - Good Luck!

Hi there, all you bird lovers and assorted internet friends.
Out walking my dog I had a rare sighting of the Kingfisher living near our home. This elusive bird is so shy that I've spotted it only 4 times in all the 22 years we have lived in our house!

But this time it sat there, at ease, on the branch over the sloot I always look at in the hope of spotting it, near the weir.
No, not the one in the photo; that one was out there in cyberspace, and I've borrowed it.

But it made me very happy, this little gem of a bird. Just because I see it so rarely, I consider it great good luck when I do.
The last time I saw it was almost exactly one year ago, also on a sunny day when you can believe that Spring is on its way. And just like last year it sat there watching me come nearer and nearer, until I crossed an invisible line. Too close for comfort, so it flew away, ducking into the sloot and using the high banks of it for cover so I lost sight of it almost immediately. Clever little bird.

Gina didn't pay any notice, she was more interested in sniffing out which neighborhood dogs exactly had walked the path before us. Ah...dogs...

I hope you've had an inspiring, restful Sunday!

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