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Sunday, 8 February 2015

To Cat or not to Cat...

Good morning, fans. Viggo here! 
My woman is a bit out of sorts, due to the fact that she has too much to do in too short a time. (At least, that's what I heard her sigh)

So, I've decided to take matters in my own paw and seek direct contact with all of you.

The question I would like to propose to you is the following, existentialist one:

To Cat, or not to Cat?

Do you follow the traditionalist side, who believe cats should be cats, and not be dressed up in silly frilly dresses (to name just one abhorrence) or are you one of those humans who feel that it is okay to humanize cats in whatever way they like?

Take my woman, for example. She believes in letting cats be cats. But at the same time I see her giggle about the antics other cat lovers get up to. She follows this blog called Caturday, and corresponds with other cat lovers.
Now, I allow this, because I know she means well.
But at the same time I would like to take a stand, here.
I will bite, scratch and scoop out the eyes of everyone who tries to put a knitted hat on ME!
Just warning you.

Right. I wish you a wonderful day. Go feed your cat. Right now!