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Sunday, 26 April 2015

10 Reasons for Planting Your Own Vegetables-and-Enjoying-It.

Hi there, from the wet and windy Wetlands.
Have you ever tried planting your own? Vegetables that is - not flowers this time?

We are enthusiastic gardeners (with emphasis on enthusiastic - not so much on knowledgable). So (as the photograph clearly shows) we do err from time to time.
Like last year, when we planted courgettes (zucchinis) in our greenhouse and they behaved like The Day of the Trifids.
Our struggling tomatoes and cucumbers were not happy, I can tell you!
Still. I do love it. Gardening. And here are 10 reasons why you should try it as well:

1. Vegetable seed comes dirt cheap. Better still, swap it with other enthusiastics.
2. You can do it everywhere! Even in the bath, if need be.
3. Some veggies are like weeds; they thrive even if you neglect them. (Parsley is a good example; although this is a herb if you should want to nit-pick I suppose)
4. Your home-grown vegetables taste 100 times better than store-bought ones.
5. You don't have to worry about poison. At least, when you don't spray yourself.
6. You can swap with other growers. For example, I get the grape harvest from my neighbours, who do not like grapes (Yes! True story!) but who do like my grape jelly.
7. It keeps you sane. 
8. It keeps you healthy (all that digging, bending, lifting and picking).
9. It keeps you in stories to tell.
10. It keeps your weight in check. That is, if you try to eat your own harvest. Just try to eat all the vegetables and fruit and herbs you grow, there will not be room for greasy other foodstuff.