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Saturday, 18 April 2015

What is it You Love about Flowers?

Flowers have fascinated, cheered and comforted me from my earliest memories onward. 
Do you know those little illustrated books called 'The Flower Faeries"? They became quite the rage in the Seventies. I had a couple, but sadly they were lost somewhere in between my 16th and 17th house move.

Will you just look at that wallflower? Isn't it absolutely stunning? It has seeded itself and crossed itself with a yellow one, the original being a red one I brought as seed from Hampton Court Palace (Yes, I admit it, guilty. I nicked the seed. So if there are any Brits reading this: I apologize profoundly.)

The thing is, ever since those little books, I have had a thing about getting right up close and personal with flowers. Can't help myself. I have to stick my nose in. 

The artist portrayed flowers as being Faeries, very sweet. And looking at this Amaryllis I can relate, totally.

This is the original yellow wallflower, by the way.

And no Dutch garden without some red tulips, obviously. Mine are just coming into colour.

So, I wonder. What is it you love about flowers?