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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Melody Gardot - Currency of Man (a Review)

Good evening! I'd like to share the album I have been listening to every evening for a fortnight with you.
(Is that a proper sentence? I'm dead tired. Sorry if it isn't).

Melody Gardot caught my attention a couple of years ago, when she brought out the album "My One and Only Thrill" with that wonderful song "Who Will Comfort Me".
I heard it on the radio and I remember I stopped ironing to be able to listen properly. (Now, anything to be able to stop ironing, but that's besides the point) I adored it, and rushed to the radio to catch the name of the singer. They didn't tell it, so I had to wait for weeks to find out who sang this great song.
That album disappointed me at first; I thought it too sugar-coated, and the scatting in almost every song annoyed me. But listening to it a couple of more times made me change my mind somewhat. It is very well-crafted.

Then Ms Gardot placed a message on her Facebook page; she was looking for people to sing along to a new song of hers, "preacher man", and I uploaded my version. (I'm not good with computers, so these 60 seconds took me hours! But I had great fun.)
Needless to say I kept an eye and ear out for this song. And finally, some weeks ago, the album was released.
While I was waiting for it to arrive to my home I looked at every recent YouTube video of Melody I could find; and to my amazement there are many versions of preacher man. Watching her perform live, my respect for her grew more and more. She is not just a pretty face (although she does have a very pretty face!); she actually is a very talented performer, who has many versions of each and every song she has written.

Currency of Man is much more dark than her last two albums. First of all she sings in a deeper and rawer voice. And the light love songs have disappeared. She sings of pain, of homeless people, of murder, of lost love, of revenge, of heartache (in fact, of all those huge emotions I am experiencing right now - bar murder). But also of compassion.
Those songs are little gems.
Look her up, do! I'm interested in what you think.