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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Viggo's Blog: Free At Last!

Hello fans, Viggo here.

See that?!
I'm OUT!
Hence the frightfully bad shaky photo. I ran towards the camera, you see, just because I could.

There, that's better! That is me, sitting on the windowsill - on the outside, mind you!
My woman had thoughtfully provided my new birds with some bread crusts, and I was waiting for them to find a flypath to the table.
So far they haven't appeared, although I have seen them when I am on the inside of that window...silly feathered nitwits.

Thought I'd bring you up to date on our situation here.
My woman has turned into frenzied screwing machine. Ahem. That sounds awful, doesn't it? I mean: she has become very handy with a screwdriver. Shall I give you a list of what furniture she has screwed over the last couple of days? Ahem. That sounds just as bad.
Oh bollocks, I will not. One picture tells a thousand words, right?

See (that gorgeous cat on) that lovely gleaming TV cabinet? She made that. Amongst many other things.

So, things are definitely looking up! I have refound my freedom, and I have explored the rooftops of all those sheds around here, and have met my new neighbour to the left, who shooed me (I said: don't you shoo me, strange woman, but she refused to listen). To the right of us are two fearsome dogs, so I have only reconnoitered from the top of their shed.

And the neighbourhood is fine, I must say, much less fireworks then in the old one. That resembled a war zone from Dec 30th onwards. Here you have the occasional mild 'bang', but I don't mind that. Gina does, she's such a wuss, do you know she takes special little pink pills for anxiety? My woman hides them inside bratwurst, honestly, Gina is such a baby. And I don't get any!

Okay, time to say cheerio then.
Hope you all will have a lovely New Year's Eve!
Speak to you soon, XXX