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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Book by Gerard Korver almost in the shops...Guess who took the photographs?

Hi, extremely proud Mum here!
Wibe, by Wibe Koopman- 2013.

Gerard Korver

 In a short while there's a book coming to the shops. So what? you think. Well, this isn't just any book.

It's a book by psychologist/coach Gerard Korver, about how to keep your relationship/marriage successful. (Right! No need to seek further help, you've found the solution!) 
It will initially be published in Dutch, but an English translation is being produced as I'm writing this, so you'll be able to read it as well. Now isn't this COOL?


Ready? Wibe has done the photography.

This is the cover photo-in-progress.

He has also taken the portrait of Gerard Korver. You'll have to visit my FB sister page of Rays of Light  for the promo. When you do visit, you can see the cover photo and portrait and read the blurb on Gerard.