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Monday, 28 April 2014

4,000 readers - Let Me Brighten Up Your Day!

"Happiness is not a destination. It is a way of life"

This is what we in my country call "tegeltjes-wijsheid" (wall platter wisdom), and the shops are full of those wall decorations at the moment.

I have the one I started this post with hanging on my living room wall. To remind myself (and my family) that it is no use at all to keep living in the future, because "when I am....(fill in the blank yourself) THEN I will be happy" is a waste of precious time. It is NOW that you should live for. And if you can make now a happy time, in however small a way, perhaps even for just a moment, then you have achieved something worthwhile.

You, in Thailand, in Sri-Lanka, in China, in Sweden, in France, in Germany, where-ever you may live, you brighten up my days by reading Rays of Light. Writing is an urge, for me. This blog has taken the place of the diaries I used to keep. With the big difference that now I write things that will be read by others. So I censor myself. And this restriction is a positive thing, as it forces me to keep looking at the bright side.
Sure, I do have my darker moments (and blogs), but I'm certain you will understand. I am human.

This girl is an image of the girl I am deep down. And there is a girl (or boy) like this hidden deep within you too.

So this is my thank-you to you all reading my blog this time. Do visit (and read) again!
Until next time! (And don't forget to check out the musical link down below!)