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Monday, 28 April 2014


Good afternoon to all my regular and-not-so-regular readers!
Last week I started blogging about "The 18 Ities", inspired and challenged by Happinez Magazine.
This week's post is about Regularity.

The fact that the same thing happens again and again, and usually with the same length of time between each time it happens.
The fact that  something is arranged evenly or in an organized pattern.
A thing that has a pattern to it.

Regularity means a lot of different things to me.
The first thing that comes to mind is that there can be both peace and boredom attached to regularity. There is a certain predictability, thus peace (you don't have to think about it), to having to travel to work at the same bus every day. Meeting the same people at the bus stop. Seeing the same people at the tube platform, where everyone predictably takes up position at the same spot every day. At the same time it can be boring as hell.

Regularity is going to the toilet for a bowel movement at the same time of day every day. If you, like me, have experienced a period of troubles in that department, you know how wonderful it is to be regular in that aspect.

Regularity is going to the same holiday destination for twenty years in a row (why do people want to DO that????), often sleeping at the same spot as well. It provides a feeling of security, I guess.

Regularity is trying to write a blog post every day. Or every two days, or every week.

Regularity is having your period every 4 weeks, instead of having to wait with baited breath whether you are having one or if you are with child. In these days of birth control this is hardly an issue any more, but I can remember my own adolescent years, when birth control  for most girls meant being careful.

Regularity can mean having the same argument about the same issues with your spouse time and again.

To me, regularity is all around me in my garden. Lots of flowers and leaves are patterned very regularly, but so are the wings of butterflies. It is the opposite of chaos. It is connected to tranquility. 

What does it mean to you?