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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Calm and Peace - still looking...

Hi there!
How are you today?
I have been looking for serenity today, as I promised you yesterday.
My days at school can hardly be called calm and I have been searching elsewhere. And I have found you this:

The next best thing I found today in the serenity department!

Isn't it lovely?!
Someone from India, who is a regular reader of this blog, wrote me that it brought tears of joy to her eyes. You're welcome, Smitha dear :-)

Apart from that, I tried to find some serenity on the Tube, but no...could not find it there.
I searched for it in school...But no.
The closest I came to serenity was this morning, at 7.30, when I saw the sun trying to come up through the fog over Coolhaven (Rotterdam), and the gulls were quiet for a change, and there were hardly any people around, and the world seemed fresh and innocent.

Have a lovely and serene evening!