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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Recipe for a Colourful Potato Salad to Lift Up Grey Days.

Good afternoon to you all!
I promised you the recipe for my Colourful Potato Salad - and here it is! It will give a lift to the endless grey days we Dutch folk usually experience around the turn of the year.
But it is very handy for a party as well.

Serves 6 (as a side-dish to a meal) or 10 (for party portions).

What do you need?
10 pre-boiled potatoes (I use our native Zeeland Bildstar, which is a semi-hard yellow colored kind)
1 lettuce (I use iceberg, I like the crunch)
4 to 6 eggs (free range, obviously; happy chickens, right?!)
20 cherry tomatoes
fresh chives
lemon juice
4 large gherkins or 8 small ones
1/2 a jar of sweet corn (pre-cooked)
8  (thin) rashers of bacon (free range; happy pigs, obviously)
fresh ground pepper
a pinch or two of salt (I use the pink Himalayan)
a good dollop of mayonaise
optional: fresh parsley
optional: garlic (2 'toes')
optional: tumeric (to taste)

How do you make it?
I've told you before in this blog: I am an enthusiastic but lazy cook. So I tend to make this salad when I have potatoes left over, meaning they are already boiled. But you can boil them to your heart's content on the day that you make the salad. But: let them cool first!

- start by frying the bacon crispy, so that it can cool off
- boil your eggs to perfection (meaning: not soggy, nor so hard that they've turned green)
- Cut up your cold potatoes in small cubes
- mix the potatoes with the mayonaise, some salt and pepper (to taste)
- add a good squirt of lemon juice and mix - put to the side
- now chop up the gherkins, the chives and mix this in with the sweet corn
- shred your lettuce

You've done the basics, now it is time for the fun part which makes you all happy.

- take out your prettiest salad bowl (a low wide one looks good) and fill the bottom with the lettuce.
- put the potato mixture on top of the lettuce, but leave a green circle around the rim of the bowl free (looks good)
- now sprinkle on the gherkin/chive/sweet corn mix
- put your bacon on top
- decorate with the cherry tomatoes and eggs
- finally cut up some chives and sprinkle them on top, for decoration purposes

Ah! Where are the garlic, parsley and turmeric, you may wonder?
Well, they are optional, as not everyone likes these tastes and some people are allergic to parsley (oh, horror!).
The garlic can be crushed and used to rub your bowl with right at the start.
The tumeric and parsley should go on top right at the end, but before you put your eggs on.

A variation:
Instead of the tumeric, curry powder tastes good as well. And if you are really into garlic, you can also fry this together with the bacon and put it on (I love this - my husband hates it...)