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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Recipe for a Very Quick Healthy Dutch Beetroot Salad

Good afternoon to you!
A new year, so lots of you (like me and my family) will have made the resolution to eat (more) healthily. And good for you!
This very simple recipe for Dutch beetroot salad is everything you desire: easy to make, simple, quick, and very very very healthy.

Serves 4

What do you need?
- 4  normal size pre-cooked and cold beetroot (or 6 small ones)
- lettuce (I prefer iceberg, for a crunchy bite), as much as you like to use
- fresh chives (a small bunch)
- gherkins
- feta cheese (I use the original Greek sheep stuff, and not the cow's milk fake - I dislike fake)
- dressing (I use simple aceto balsamico - or balsamico vinegar in plain English)
- fresh ground pepper if you prefer, but it doesn't really need it

How do you make it?
- Tear up the lettuce
- cut up the beetroot in small cubes, put it on top of the lettuce
- sprinkle the cut up chives on top
- cut up your gherkins and sprinkle them on top as well
- cut up the feta and sprinkle this right on top
- finally, just before serving, sprinkle some balsamico over it and enjoy

PS Don't worry if your pee turns red...that's completely normal :-)