Dementia - need I say more?

Dementia...scourge of our time.

Good afternoon to you! It's been a few weeks and, after some deliberation, I am going to tell you why I haven't  blogged my usua...

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Life's So Heavy...

My macho cat Viggo has been doing the honors for the last couple of posts about little very old boring me, so I thought it prudent to tell the ones of you who are interested in person how I am getting on in the quagmire  of broken marriage vows.
Well...sinking fast, I must admit.
Thank Frith for those colleagues and friends who are doing their best to throw me a lifeline in the form of practical, philosophical and social aid!
Ever the one who is searching for that Ray of Light, the cliché silver lining, I am...
Sometimes I get a glimpse...

I always turn to music. The one constant in my life. So I've looked up an oldie, but goodie.
There's a link: The Beatles
Do not make the (understandable) mistake of thinking that it's about departed hubby, 'cause it isn't!
But I love it. Love it. Love it. Viggo lets it be known that he still isn't that impressed.