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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Viggo's Blog - Box-Dwellers Anonymous

Hi fans, Viggo here!

My recent traumatic experience with the vet has given me the incentive I needed to take another big step: I proudly announce I have become the CEO of BDA.

This acronym stands for Box-Dwellers Anonymous.

It has come to my attention that there are many more macho (and not half as macho) cats like me who are struggling daily with their box addiction.
And since my woman has been true to her word this time and has walked (through the rain; a tiny point in her favour) to the supermarket to get me a box, I often have to do without! And I get antsy and prickly and have to take out my frustration on her newspaper or song lyrics (for some reason she goes totally bonkers when I do that...)

To help you battle your nerves when you are aching for a box and can't have one, I have devised a Plan. I call it the Viggo 5 Steps Plan for BDA.

Step 1.
Find a friend. Any friend. This could even be your dog. Or another cat. (See photo for reference).

Step 2.
Use your friend as a substitute box. I know this takes stamina and above all determination, but remember: You Can Do It!

Step 3.
If you have trouble sitting in or on a weird place (see above photo for reference), remember that we are CATS. And we are INVINCIBLE.

Step 4.
This step is very important. Crucial, even.
IMAGINE you are in your box.
Yes, I know, it is hard, sooooo hard. But with a little practice you will be able to manage it eventually.
It only took me a couple of hours, and I was in my box at the time, but hey, if I can do it, you (probably, if you are as clever as me) can, right?

Step 5.

There, there. That wasn't so hard, was it?
You can order your own special BDA badge through my woman. She has a new name (ridiculous! but what can you do?): Song Smith. Has a nice Siamese Cat ring to it, though, now I come to think of it.

To help you along in your box-waning days, or just for those special private moments under the bed, I'll leave you with my Box Gallery. 
Tarrah! Until next time.

My latest doer-upper

My weekend box