Two Dutch Girls on a Road Trip to Wiltshire

Road Trip 2017 (2) - Richmond to Chawton to Salisbury.

Good afternoon! Would you like to join me for the second part of my road trip in the South-West of England? A long time wish of my daughter...

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Autumn! And it makes my heart sing.

Good afternoon!
Something entirely different from cats, rambles and printing techniques.
I woke up this morning and was greeted by this:

Well, actually I was greeted by ravenous cats and a dog who wanted sniffies and a tousled son-in-law who had to leave for the morning shift. But then I went out (with Gina and Bowie) and feasted my eyes and nose. Everything smelled so fresh. And ( it being 8.00) I was the only one enjoying all that...I do like that!

The rest of my country is shrouded in mist, we of the wetlands apparently are the only ones blessed with sunshine - even better! 
It made me all enthusiastic and energetic, so I started pruning the shrubbery at the front door, and now I'm writing this to you and afterwards I'll do another bit of printing (which I will show you, don't worry).

I wish you all a great Sunday, enjoy yourselves!