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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Song's Best Books Club - Hollow City by Ransom Riggs

Told you I could not WAIT to get my hands on the sequel to 'Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children', so me and darling daughter took ourselves to Donner (best bookshop in the Wetlands) and splashed out on not only 'Hollow City' but 'Library of Souls' as well.
I've read 'Hollow City' in 2 days flat. Being in bed with the flu helped. Heck, I had a headache anyway, so one on top of it didn't make a blind bit of difference.
And if you scrunch up your eyelids you might just - only just - pretend that you can see two pumpkinaffes in the photo.

Jacob and Emma and their peculiar friends have fled Cairnholm and land somewhere on the coast of Wales in their determination to rescue Miss Peregrine, who cannot turn back into her peculiar self. They embark on a perilous journey to London, to try and find the last remaining free ymbryne Miss Wren, meeting up with peculiar animals, Gypsies, and exciting new peculiar children on the way. Oh, did I mention that they are continuously being chased by the evil wrights and a hollow or two?

As in the first novel, Riggs paints a haunting world, totally believable even if it contains a speaking pipe-smoking dog called Addison. Their adventures take Jacob and the other children to war-torn London in the middle of the Blitz, and for me that was the best scene in the book.

The blurb claims this sequel is even better than the first book. I beg to differ. It is equally good. The photographs though, weird and haunting as they are, this time weren't as amazing. I think that's because the newness has worn off. Riggs himself has admitted he has turned the process around; instead of writing the plot around the photographs, he searched for photographs to illustrate the plot. This is perhaps contrived.
Anyway, as in my first review of Mr Riggs' writing, I will now repeat myself:

Read this book!!!


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