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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Some Autumn Medicine for all those Rhino Virus Sufferers.

Good evening!
I've been under the weather for the past week, although I have been dragging myself in to work anyway.
Persistant little worker, aren't I?

There is a virus doing the rounds in the Wetlands, called the Rhino virus. Compared to, say, Ebola it is a kitten of a virus. The symptoms are throatache, headache and a temperature. Oh, and you do need a wagon load of tissues...
Nothing very serious, you'll live. But it is a bugger if you cannot afford to take your soothing cup of tea and your good book to your sofabed, but when you have to work on instead.

So, if you are one of those poor people having to work on, feeling grotty, this post is for you. 
I have searched out the most gorgeous Autumn photos I could find at short notice. As I got them from the Internet, there are no credits.  But they are beautiful, those photographers know their trade!

To help you soothe that throat, and to feel better, try my recipe:

- boil some water
- put three large table spoons of organic honey in it
- put 1 table spoon of organic cinnamon in it
- stir well
- light a small candle underneath an aromatherapy burner
- put three drops of pure eucalyptus oil into some water on the burner
- put on the latest CD by Susan McKeown (Through Bushes and Through Briars)

drink your brew whilst sitting already in your bed, listening to Susan's intriguing way of treating traditional Irish songs.
You'll feel better!