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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Update on my previous post about Racism and Wilders: what would you do?

Good morning. It's Sunday over here, and I'm still reeling from 2 days of overtime at school. But also with the broo-ha-ha surrounding the speech PVV leader Geert Wilders gave in a The Hague café on election night last Wednesday.
And I have news. 
Selfie by respected (ethnic Moroccan) Dutch actor Nasrdin Dchar

- So far more than 1,000 people saw it as their duty to fill in a declaration of discrimination against Wilders with the police and it is suspected many more will follow suit; police facilitate this by using a special form which will save time
- So far 5 of Wilders' party associates (including his EU representative) have put down their duties and have left his party, out of anger or because they didn't want to be associated with his hatred campaign against Moroccans
- FB and Twitter have shown an explosion of selfies by ethnic Moroccan people with their Dutch passport
- Dutch premier Mark Rutte has publicly declared he distances himself and his party VVD from Wilders and stops all negotiations and co-operation with the PVV
- Dutch minister of Justice Ivo Opstelten has publicly called Wilders' hate campaign 'disgusting' and 'abject'
- all Dutch government parties have called his words 'unacceptable' and PVDA have declared to stop voting for all PVV motions, whatever they may be about
- PVV parliamantary leader Bontes has asked Wilders to step down

I have de-friended FB friends who re-posted hateful pro-Wilders messages. Some of these are people I see a lot of in real life... What to do? Taking a stand, means taking a stand...Which is a shock to the system, as my last time on the barricades is 30 years ago.
You may shrug this off, but to me it is quite a step to take. I like to surround myself with positivity and light, so to speak, and kindness is on my banner.
But I've decided the only way forward is to keep all dialogue open, but I don't want to see their foul-mouthed trash appear on my timeline.

What would you do?