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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Update on the update - hundreds of people filing an official complaint against Wilders

In the city of Nijmegen (in the East of The Netherlands) mayor Hubert Bruls wrote on the council website that he was going to file a discrimination complaint against Geert Wilders. "There are times that you cannot look away", he said. And suggested perhaps other people would follow suit.
Watch what happened:

The large man with the red tie is the mayor, followed by his councilmen and hundreds of citizens who came from all corners of the city. Lots or Moroccans, but also lots of others.

The Moroccan colleagues at my school were touched and proud. One of them, Nordin,  comes from the city of Nijmegen, where he arrived as a 10 year old boy. His Dad was in that line of people, waiting for hours, for filing a complaint takes time.

The immediate effect of all the hullabaloo so far, is that many people in my country feel the need to speak out. Either in support of Wilders and his views, or against his views, or against his manner of expressing his views and the discrimination of an ethnic group of people(like I do).

Some of his arguments do ring true. 
Yes, a large percentage of crimes are committed by Moroccan youths. Yes, the word 'whore' is the first thing that seems to come to mind of many young boys when you speak to them to point out some wrongdoing. But I live in a predominantly 'white' socially deprived neighbourhood, and I hear that word out of the mouths of the white street kids as well.

My point of view is that everyone should have the same civil rights and the same civil (in both meanings of the word) duties. Call me naïve, but is this so much to ask?