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Friday, 8 August 2014

Viggo's Opinion About International Cat Day.

Following his much-read interview about his favourite subject (himself), Viggo has granted a second interview, about ICD.
We agreed to meet him in one of his preferred haunts: the laundry basket. Since he was fast asleep at the appointed time, we waited for ten minutes.

We then waited for another ten minutes while he smartened himself up for the photographer.

- Can you tell us a little more about the shelter you came from?

V: I thought we were going to talk about International Cat Day.

- Yes, that too, but my readers are interested in that shelter.

V: Are they? It's really not that interesting. 

- Please?

V: If I must...My Mum, me and my siblings were thrown over their fence. Now, I was only a couple of days old at the time, but if I remember correctly I behaved heroically.

- How many siblings did you have?

V: We were three brothers. They were a bit older and stronger than me, I was the youngest, but I was the most intelligent, by far. All they did was mewl and stuff, but I looked around me and found out the best way to survive immediately. I saw that I should suck up to the shelter boss in a big way, and that I would became her best friend, and that would ensure me the largest bowl of food and the best cuddles. It worked. She almost cried when she had to let me go.

- How long did you live in that shelter?

V: A couple of months.

- Did your siblings stay with you all that time?

V: No...they left a bit before me.

- Why?

V: They mwroafmmmmmm...

- Excuse me? You are mumbling a bit, I didn't quite catch that?

V: I said: they got rid of their mange quicker than I did, so they were able to adopt a family sooner. Are you hard of hearing?

- Do you miss them at all?

V: Don't be stupid. If you are going to ask stupid questions, this interview is over!

- Sorry. What do you think about ICD?

V: I think it is a commercial attempt to get people to feel sorry for cats in shelters.

- Yes, but since there are so many of you stuck in abysmal conditions, those shelters provide an out, don't they, and they need money desperately.

V: Are you giving your opinion now, don't you know that this violates #1 rule of conducting an interview? You are supposed to write down my opinion, not give yours!

- Still?

V: Still what? Oh...Yes, obviously those shelters need money, duh! The cat food could be a lot better, for one. And I would have preferred to have a bench of my own, instead of having to share. My brother left his hairballs lying about, disgusting habit!

- But would you advise people to adopt cats from shelters, instead of shelling out a huge amount of money for a cat from a breeder?

V: Oh, absolutely! Those in-bred cats are weaklings. I have a couple in my area, those what-you-may-call-it Maine Coons. Maine Coons! Long-haired egomaniacs, that's what they are. They sit on fences preening, showing off those ridiculously long fluffy tails all day long. Haven't caught a mole in their lives, I bet. Wouldn't know where to start. Maine Coons-buffoons!

- Any last words?

V: Yes. Send food! So far, no one has sent me any. Don't your readers understand I am hungry all the time? It's my shelter background...never enough food, you see. Heck, send money to the shelters for all I care, but send me a salami!

(Viggo after a tiring day spent in front of a fresh mole hill)

At Viggo's request, I have provided a link: Stray Cat Strut
and he says to read the message.