Dementia - need I say more?

Dementia...scourge of our time.

Good afternoon to you! It's been a few weeks and, after some deliberation, I am going to tell you why I haven't  blogged my usua...

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Ukraine and United States - for you!

Good morning to you! (It is Sunday morning over here...) 
Especially for all the hundreds of people who have read my blog in the Ukraine and in the United States during the last month:

Hi there!
I hope you will have a good day today, where ever you may be, whatever you may do. Try to spend it with people you like, or even love.

And remember: we are all equal. Fuck politics. Ordinary people, like you and me, can make a difference. All we have to do is remember that, and start with the people around us. Take a deep breath - and take the first step. Peace, my friend!

See you!