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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Update on the Public Transport blog - Had quite a scare this afternoon!

Hi folks,

I usually shrug and call it Murphy's Law when my bus leaves just when I come barreling through the Tube gates, but today...

Just missed the bus...But the next one along is a speed liner, so I simply shrugged and took the one 7 minutes later. I was reading my Rudyard Kipling (Kim), when my bus skidded just before turning onto the special bus lane along the Kanaal (channel) door Voorne. So I looked up, and saw that the bus I should have been on was standing just beyond the traffic lights, and people were leaving it, as there was smoke coming out of the back and there appeared to be flames as well.

So what do you do, as a blogger in 2014...With shame I'll admit I started taking photographs.

My bus turned onto the ordinary highway, on the other side of the Kanaal, and as we on board looked out of the windows to the burning bus, at the exact moment we were passing it, it blew. BOOM!!!
My heart was in my mouth, I can tell you.

The third photo was passed on to me by a friend in the next bus behind me.
I am very glad to be able to tell you that, as far as we now know, although the bus burnt out completely, nobody was injured. Hellevoetsluis has 40.000 inhabitants, but it's a village, really. We all know someone who knows someone...if you get my drift.
I feel my guardian Frith has served me well, this afternoon!