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Friday, 31 January 2014

Maison & Objet - part 3: the floral displays.

Do you like flowers? I do. But ever since we got our mischievous cat Viggo, it's touch and go for living greenery in our home. He either ignores it (if we're lucky), or he tries to climb it, eat it, dig it over, play with it and generally demolishes it within an hour.
Having no plants or flowers in my house is inconceivable to me, so we've resorted to displaying fakes. The cheaper ones (not in my home) look just like that: cheap fakes. But the more expensive kind are so well made that people visiting us often mistake them for the real thing. Next to my real, cherished, purple Anthurium (which Viggo leaves alone) are fake orchids, and the compliments I receive for them always make me smile.

I fell for this exhibit; very Oriental (which fascinates me), but not a riot of colour - very simple, very peaceful, most Zen. Everything you can see is fake, mostly silk. And gorgeously indistinguishable from the real thing.

This Mimosa is so French to me (although an Australian FB friend informed me it is known as wattle over there and is common as dirt); I adore it as it smells divine and will not grow in my Wetlands. This display was for the benefit of the cups, and the flowers are real. Pretty enough to put as a banner over this blog!

This display is all silk, and totally over the top as far as I'm concerned. It was approx. 1 m. high. But it would look good in the right environment. comment. (We have a 'thing' for Christmas decorations in our house. It's absolutely harmless and not contagious, don't worry)


I'll leave you with two of my own little flower displays. We grow the flowers in our own garden, and obviously I can only pick them in Summer. Can you identify them?

See you again soon!