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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Magnanimity - the 15th Ity.

Only 4 Ities more to go folks, bear with me :-)

(Photo credit: vol.25)
Okay. I confess. This Ity has me stumped.
Magnanimity is NOT my strong point...

When you hurt me, I tend to want to lash out straight away, or if that's impossible, later. Perhaps even much, much later.
So the above picture is as much for me, as for you...

I do know the theory, that forgiveness is good for the soul. That you suffer most yourself by not being able to forgive. So magnanimity should be a balm, really.
Then why does it come so hard?

By the way, totally and utterly irrelevant, but I have just learnt from one of those infamous internet tests that give you a personality trait after 9 questions with 3 possibilities (I mean - why do I waste my time on that? beats me!) that - wait for it - my Native American spirit guide is a cat. So now I will not feel guilty any longer for 'slapping you around the face with my infernal cats' (not my quote - someone gets tired of my cats...poor thing).

Hey, Cat Hater! I forgive you!
There. That wasn't so bad.
Perhaps I will get the hang of it.