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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Sometimes You Plain Fall in Love with a Singer, Don't You? (About Lisa Hannigan)

This isn't the first time I've pointed (or tried to point you...) in the direction of a singer, is it? You know me a bit by now. My passions run deep.
I'd like you to get acquainted with an Irish singer called Lisa Hannigan.

Lisa was born in 1981 in County Meath, and is now based in Dublin I believe. But that's all the history in a nutshell, if you want to know all the details I suggest you look her up in Wikipedia. Or, much better still, use the link below this post to visit Lisa's website.

What I'd like you to know about Lisa Hannigan is that she has the type of voice that is so intimate, that you believe she is whispering her songs straight into your ear.
She looks like a 30's housewife, complete with rather frumpy frocks, but looks deceive. She is with it, and has worked with big names in the music industry since she was discovered by Damian Rice, another Irish musician, who foolishly thought himself curbed by her presence (source: Wikipedia. If this is rubbish, blame them!).
After he asked her to leave his band, she went it alone, and has brought out Sea Sew, Live at Fingerprints and Passenger, three introspective original albums which did rather well. At least, they made her reputation.

This woman is so amazingly creative! Look up her videos at YouTube and prepare to be stunned by the versatility of her performances. 

She plays a lot of instruments whilst doing all sorts of crazy things at the same time, has the dance moves of a demented hamster (I mean this in the nicest possible way, I adore her really!) and is cuter than cute in a little girl way, which is quite a feat as she's in her thirties by now.

She is one of those women that I admire enormously. Original, talented, creative, but down to earth and without any pretense. No showbiz rubbish. And with a marvelous sense of humour. I mean, who would let herself be pelted with multi-coloured paint when singing a song? Or sing in a roller coaster? 

Lisa Hannigan. Remember that name! And look her up! I've made it easy for you. Links are below. Enjoy!!!