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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Spring! Oooohhhhhhh has sprung! Don't you love it?

Hello, are you also feeling sprightly from this sudden Spring burst?
(Before you think I have gone absolutely bonkers, let me remind you I am from The Wetlands. The low lying lands where water is the predominant feature, clouds are omnipresent and sunshine is a gift and a blessing.)

After an entire Winter of feeling like a mole, I now see the sun come up every day from the windows of the Tube, and this morning it didn't immediately hide itself behind a bank of grey, but stayed in view!
And I was so lucky, in that it was still shining when I got home from work, and I even had a little snooze in the garden, on the bench with Viggo on my lap. Bliss!

Afterwards I took a turn in our garden, removed a dog turd or two, admired the pansies and the daffs, and planned a trip to the garden centre for tomorrow.

And have you noticed that people are more friendly when the sun is shining? (Perhaps not when you are in, say, Brazil, but in The Wetlands they definitely are) I exchanged smiles with at least 5 persons within ten minutes, which is quite a lot for my hard-nosed neighbourhood.

The currants are in bloom, the swans are on their nests, all my little garden birds are very active and twittering away. 

And the shrubs are getting tiny leaves (no, not like the photo yet, but I couldn't resist that one, as I think it lovely).

What do YOU do in Springtime? Does it effect you at all? Or are you one of those "Heck, as long as I can watch Netflix I'm happy" type of person?
Perhaps I'm a bit weird, but I actually feel happy when I see my ferns unfurl...And when I spot the bumble bees checking out the potting shed. I saw a huge one this afternoon, and bid it welcome. One of our projects for this year, garden-maintenance-wise, is to build an insect hotel. And my husband wants to build a chicken coop. And a new woodshed. 

Now isn't this interesting? 
Someone pointed out to me (on FB) that my blog was utterly uninteresting to him. It took me aback for all of 3 seconds (well, at least he took the time to point it out to me) and then I thought long and hard about the bloggers-bug.
Does it really matter if 9 people read this post, or 900? I mean, does it make a difference to me?
The fact that you are reading this right now, is enough. I used to be a diary keeper. Then a reporter. Now I am a blogger. I think it is realistic to say that writing is a sort of compulsion. And even if nobody reads it, I can view it as a kind of super diary, without all the nasty bits. I'll keep the really nasty bits to myself.

Have a super Spring day tomorrow!